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Safety glass is a great way to add that extra bit of security to your property, especially for commercial properties that are left unattended overnight. At Cullompton Glass & Glazing we offer a full installation service using high quality products. Safety glass make it much less likely for your windows to break and less likely to pose a threat to your property when broken. We are based in Cullompton, Devon and serve the surrounding areas.

Toughened glass - processed by heat and chemical treatments to increase strength.


Wired glass - these windows have a grid of mesh inside the glass for extra security even when glass is broken.


Laminated glass - This is glass that has two or more layers of toughened or annealed glass.


Keep your business safe with security glass. Call today on

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Even the appearance of this glass can be enough to deter intruders and keep your property safe.


With such good materials for such good prices there is little reason not to add this safety precaution to your home or workplace.


What security glass do we use?

Deter intruders

Improve security of your property with safety glass

Security window A cracked window pane A wired security window